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nat king cole gen hope
nat king cole gen hope
website design

we built a new site to help support the Cole family legacy of providing music education to children with the greatest need + fewest resources.


gregory eltringham
gregory eltringham
website design

we provided an adaptive layout to emphasize Gregory Eltringham's playfully provocative work featuring architectural structures + private sexual encounters.


bridge red studios
bridge red studios
website design

we devised a site for Bridge Red Studios to help further their mission of providing documentation, exhibition space + exposure for local artists.


florida film institute
florida film institute
website design

we completed a redesign for the Florida Film Institute which provides a nurturing environment to teach the art, business + science of filmmaking.


interior spaces, inc.
interior spaces, inc.
website design

we designed a new website to highlight the beautiful interiors + thoughtful decor of Chicago Interior Designer Carrie Ratliff.


chef ken oringer
chef ken oringer
website design

we worked with James Beard Award winning Chef Ken Oringer on his personal site linking together all of his restaurant concepts.


cuban art news
cuban art news archive
website design

we produced a new site for Cuban Art News, the worlds premiere site dedicated to advocating, promoting + supporting contemporary Cuban art + culture.


rafik video
rafik video
website design

we worked with legendary digital + film media facility Rafik Video to create a site focusing on their expanded production + post production services.


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    Azure Cosmetics
    Baltz & Co
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    Benchmark Financial
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    Biscuiti International
    Bistro Zenith
    Blu Medical Beauty Spa
    The Blue Fish Boca
    Boca Consignment
    Boca Festival Days
    Boca Therapy
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    Bridger Conway
    Bridge Red Studios
    Brooke Maples
    Broward College
    Bruce Tolman
    Burley Electric
    Caffè Muzio
    Candace Burton PhD
    Canyon Southwest Cafe
    Casa Conde Design Consultants
    Castles Realty
    Celia The Queen
    Cerulean Villa, Anguilla
    Cheers Mama
    Chef Ken Oringer
    Chef Kerry Heffernan
    Chefs Cook For Japan
    Cheryl Hazan Gallery
    Cheryl Hazan Mosaic
    Chinese Artworks Online
    Choptank NYC
    Cibo e Vino
    Cingular Wireless
    Dr. Cintron
    Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads
    Coastland Homes
    Cosmetic Surgery Cash
    Counter Innovations
    Cuban Art News
    Cutaia Mortgage
    Delray Beach Tennis Center
    Delray Golf
    David Leroi
    Digital Vinyl Recordings
    Direction & Discernment
    The Dish
    Division 9
    Downtown Delray Beach
    The Drawing Room
    Drugstore Racer
    The Dumpling Diva
    The Elite Society
    The Expungement Clinic

    The Farber Foundation
    The Farber Collection
    First Frank
    Florida Breast Cancer Foundation
    Florida Film Institute
    Il Lugano / Osteria da Campo
    Kamitori Design Studio
    Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach
    Friends Connections
    Friends of Ai Weiwei
    Fronstin Law
    Funky Nutz
    The Getaway Plan
    Georgette Klinger
    Ghost King Thai
    Giovanni Rana USA
    Gol! Restaurant
    Golden Bone
    Golden Era Group
    Gordy Films
    The Gourmet Club
    Green Is In
    The GreenShows
    Gregory Eltringham
    The Grille On Congress
    Hali Barnett
    Hammer & Claws
    Harold's Meat & Three
    The Heart of Delray Gallery
    HERO Events
    Holistic Pet Cuisine
    The Hollywood Insider
    I Am The Maven
    Il Mulino Cucina Italiana
    Interior Spaces, Inc.
    The Invest View
    Italia Elegante
    JCD Sports Group
    Jeffrey Maron
    Jefrani Holdings, Inc.
    Josh Levine / (c) 1972
    Julie Davidow
    Karma Lounge
    Kelley & Ping
    Kids In Exile Films
    The Kitchen Club
    Klinger Advanced Aesthetics
    Koolik Realty
    Kristen Thiele
    Kyoto Sushi & Sake
    La Bodega Tapas y Tintos
    Laid Back Luc
    Left Bank New York
    Legal Graphic Works
    The Lodge
    Look Great Spa
    Lou Sagar
    Lucca Ristorante
    March of Dimes Signature Chef
    Marianne Gourmet
    Marmiro Stones, Inc.
    Marja Samsom
    Matsuri NYC
    Meister Distribution
    The Mexican
    Michael Loveland
    Mi Gente Clothing
    Mindy Wyatt Gallery
    Modern Printing
    Monica Hands
    Monument Lane
    MoonShine Modern Supper Club

    The Morikami Museum
    Moringa Cafe
    The Museum of Arts and Design / MAD
    N. Reagan & Company
    Nat King Cole Generation Hope
    Network Professionals, Inc.
    Nick's Fishmarket
    North Jersey Surgery Center
    Nu Skin
    Old School Square
    Old School Ventures
    OpSec Security Group
    Orange Dog Design Group
    Pablo Contrisciani
    Paco Camp Salon
    Palm Beach Skates
    Palm Beach Intl. Film Fest
    Patrick McKinnon
    Paul Clemence
    Pegasus Consulting Group
    Pore Baby
    Positive Hope
    Primadonna Ristorante e Bar
    Rafik Video
    Raika D
    The Related Group
    Real Estate Realities
    Riscala Agnese
    Robert Flynn
    Robert Brodesky
    Rock-A-Billy Tattoo
    Rosane V. O'Conor
    Rosanjin Tribeca
    Ruth Avra
    San Sebastian Gastronomika
    Sara Stites
    SCAD eLearning
    Serafina Bistro
    Serendipity Consignment
    Shirley Henderson
    Shalom! Singles
    Smart Tech Services
    SoHo News 10012
    Sophia Grace Fund
    Starland Studios
    Stephine Design Studio
    Steve The Album
    Stivale, NYC
    Studio Alectron
    Sunset Entertainment, Inc.
    Susan Granowitz
    Swift Kick Products
    Taishi, The Morikami Museum
    Tealicious Tea Room
    Tek Aid
    Tenderloin Trio
    The Twisted Tail
    Think Pink Rocks
    US Real Estate Loan
    VIAS Wine
    Water Conservation Specialists
    White Elephant Documentary
    Wild Olives / Todd English
    The Wolfsonian at FIU
    Zodiac Heads, Ai Weiwei
    Zoli Design


We work with industry leaders for specific tasks including: 3d modeling/rendering, augmented reality, branding/packaging + identity.

We've built relationships with talented individuals + bespoke design firms which complement our capabilities + ensure an insightful perspective.


Our diverse background + creative partnerships enable us to engage in an array of creative initiatives including web design, social media marketing, 3d rendering / visualization, packaging design, brand identity + business collateral with individuals + global brands. We share the belief that only through a genuine understanding of our clients aspirations, along with our own intuition, can we achieve results which are both impactful + enduring.

  • website design
  • website consulting / auditing
  • website / wordpress maintenance
  • search engine optimization (seo)
  • google + bing analytics
  • email campaign design + delivery
  • web hosting + domain registration
  • social media account management
  • social media consulting
  • social media branding
  • post design + scheduling
  • google biz, yelp + tripadvisor
  • follower engagement
  • targeted post boost + promotion
  • brand identity + development
  • brand redesign
  • branding + packaging design
  • visual identity
  • product + structure design
  • 3d modeling + rendering
  • visualization

Our comprehensive approach affords our clients the opportunity to 'influence viewers, amplify branding + enhance connectivity'.™

With nearly 30 years of experience, beginning with BASIC programming, blukid has maintained an interest in exploring new + emerging technologies with respect to art, design + marketing with a focus on web based content. Our goal is to ensure your brand maintains a strong visual identity across all digital/real world channels via clear web design, innovative brand development, 3d modeling/rendering + visualization solutions.


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